Fine Art Prints

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Perla Tacos

Design and illustration for Perla Tacos. The best Mexican restaurant in Torquay! This was an enjoyable project where I was able to combine my flair for illustration with a well-considered design. Each illustration has been hand-drawn and finished digitally.

Menu Design | Custom Illustration Set | Food Truck Design

Flowstate Brewers & Distillers

We asked brittany for her services to design a new ad campaign/poster. She was honestly so easy to work with and it was almost like she read our minds for what we wanted, It was amazing!!!! She is very talented, I couldn't recommend her enough.

Shaun Bridges, Flowstate Brewers & Distillers.

The Hideaway Torquay

The Hideaway Torquay approached me to create a mural for their space. Having seen my illustrated maps around town, they wanted something in the same style that reflected our coastal lifestyle here in Torquay. I illustrated three iconic scenes from popular Torquay beaches; Pt Impossible, Front Beach & Bells Beach - and had a lot of fun painting them!

Illustration | Mural

Driftwood Goods

Illustration and packaging design for Driftwood Goods. I collaborated with Driftwood Goods on their Breamlea collection by illustrating a series of iconic locations along the Surf Coast and designed custom packaging.

Illustration | Packaging Design