Tommy Ruff Still Life Artwork

Tommy Ruff Still Life Artwork

Through this still-life artwork, I endeavoured to show our connection to the ocean, our loved ones and our community. Each element was considered and purposively chosen to provide more than simply aesthetic value. I aimed to deliver a visual story and give a snapshot of coastal living. I challenged myself to take something seemingly mundane, such as fish on a plate and transform it into something emotive, beautiful and memorable.

When we live by the coast our connection to the ocean is inherent. The sea is an integral part of everyday life. It's where we connect with nature, each other and source the food that sustains us.

To create the composition, I sourced locally caught tommy ruff or tommies, a specie of Australian herring that live in our cooler Australian waters.

I placed the tommy ruff on my Nan's well-loved crockery. These plates have seen countless family meals and serve as a reminder that a meal is more than sustenance. It's how we show appreciation and love for those closest to us.

The lemons were hand-picked from our neighbour's tree. In summer, we will return the favour with apples from our tree.

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Tommy Ruff Artwork by Brittany March Fish Art

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