How a walk in the bush inspires art

How a walk in the bush inspires art

A Fleeting Moment of Beauty

As you walk through the bush, the air feels cool and damp on your skin. The clouds hang heavy amongst the dense eucalyptus. A chorus of birdsong is beaming throughout the canopy. Hiding from view, a flutter of wings are dancing between the shrubs. You recognise the familiar high pitched chatter. In a blink of an eye a wren perches proudly in an opening. As if to say, "look at me". You marvel at his beauty. The light glistens off his plumage, illuminating shades of fluorescent blue and silver. With a flicker of his wings he retreats out of sight, leaving only a fleeting moment into his busy pristine world. 

Through this superb fairy-wren artwork, I aim to show the beauty of the natural world surrounding us and how a simple walk in nature can nourish your soul. 

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