A Personalised Masterpiece

Commissioning a pet portrait allows you to create a personalised masterpiece that reflects the individuality of your pet. Throughout the process I work closely and collaboratively with you to create your one of a kind artwork. You have the opportunity to choose the colour, composition, and size of the portrait, ensuring it perfectly complements your home decor and captures the essence of your pet's personality.

Custom pet portrait of a white dog by Brittany March Custom pet portrait of a white dog by Brittany March

This latest pet portrait of Mac was commissioned as a surprise gift for his owner. Her partner sent me these images below to use as a photographic reference. Sometimes it’s not always possible to work from one, high quality image. In this case, I used the best parts of a few images and combined these into one composition. Mac’s owner loves the little bracelets he wears as a collar, so I made sure to include these to give an extra sentimental touch. Pink is one of Mac’s owners favourite colours, so we choose a pale pink background that compliments his white fur and one which we knew his owner would love. 

Pet portrait image referencePet portrait image referencePet portrait image reference

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