A Not So Still Life

A Not So Still Life

Welcome to my latest collection, "A Not So Still Life." The series draws inspiration from our native wildlife and serves as a stepping stone to elevate my arts practice to new heights.

The series blends realism with surrealism by incorporating wildlife as captivating dynamic element into classic still life arrangements.

To create the works from my new collection and to level up my arts practice, I've invested in photography gear to capture my reference imagery. Whilst I've always put a personal touch to artworks based on photographic references, taking control of shooting my own subjects and creating unique surreal compositions allows me greater control over the creative process and ultimately has resulted in distinctive original artworks.

I'm enjoying the process of photographing wildlife in their natural habitat and collecting found objects, which often involves a trip to the op-shop, to make unique still life arrangements. From a technical perspective, drawing different textures, such as linen, porcelain, feathers or scales and experimenting with light, shadows and reflections, all within the one piece presents an exciting challenge.

All of the original artworks from this series have sold but stay tuned as I continually expand on this collection. You can look forward to a sea life inspired artwork soon!

Limited edition prints are available here. If you have missed out on an original and would like to commission a custom artwork please get in touch.

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